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The Automatic Door Used in Escape and Rescue Ways 

 In the event of an emergency or panic, we want to be able to leave a building or a room immediately, as easily, rapidly and reliably as we have previously entered. The automatic doors have different methods for fulfilling this escape way function. The following options are available: manually operated pivoting wings with Break-Out fittings or an integrated redundant drive technique.


The automatic door with its elegant and transparent design offers multifunctional application possibilities. During everyday use, it performs its task as a convenient passage, but in the event of an emergency or fire it is rapidly transformed into a safe and reliable escape and rescue way. 




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The automatic door as a safe escape way
Since the sliding wings are equipped with pivot fittings, they can be manually pivoted towards the outside or the inside, in the same way as an ordinary swing door.

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The automatic door as a transport or summer opening
For transporting cumbersome goods, or during the dog days of summer, all the door wings can be completely swung open from the completely opened door position.

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The automatic door in redundant execution
The redundancy option fulfills the escape way function by the fact that the essential drive and control modules are installed as double units. In the event of a failure of the main control, the redundant element takes over and guarantees a reliable opening of the sliding wings. 

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