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The Hermetically Sealed Sliding Door System

In clinically sterile clean room surroundings, the hermetically tight automatic doors provide the highest possible degree of hygiene. The drive system has been designed for automating entrances to operating rooms in hospitals or to laboratories of the pharmaceutical or food industries. When combined with plastic or wooden wings, this automatic door can also be used for sound-absorbing applications in music, conference or office rooms.


The automatically sealed sliding door
The drive system is equipped with a particular lowering and pivoting mechanism which, in the final closing phase, causes the door leaf to be lowered and pressed against the floor and the wall as soon as it has reached the closed position. 

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The single-winged tightly sealed automatic door
The automatic sliding door with its hermetically sealing wing system has been designed for universal applications in rooms equipped with an air purification system where the highest requirements need to be met with regard to hygiene, improved sound insulation or additional thermal insulation.