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The Automatic Circular Sliding Door

Thanks to the virtually unlimited design possibilities they offer, circular sliding doors are the perfect choice for creating individually designed and sophisticated entrance areas. With their esthetically pleasing equipment, carefully coordinated color scheme and adaptation to the architectural style of the building, these doors enhance the particular design concept of the entrance.


The automatic circular sliding door – generous and esthetically appealing
A systematic use of the available space enhances the concept of a prestigious entrance area and highlights the refined elegance of the building's design. All-glass models convey a feeling of transparency and create an inviting impression. A concave or convex arrangement of the circular sliding door, drive units tested for escape-way applications as well as anti-burglar or fire-protection features with various protection ratings offer the planner virtually limitless flexibility for designing individual and distinctive entrances. 

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The circular sliding door as a compact porch system
By means of two oppositely arranged circular sliding doors, an excellent climatic separation can be achieved without the slightest prejudice to the high user frequency of these doors.

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The circular sliding door as a one-sided semicircle
The concave or convex arrangement of the circular sliding door is possible with different smaller or bigger radii.

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The circular sliding door as an individual curve segment
The circular sliding door is capable of taking up the distinctive curved lines of a building façade, thus fitting harmoniously into the overall design of the object.