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Automatic Sliding Doors

The high degree of comfort provided by an automatic door not only enables the opening of the passageways but also guarantees that they are always reliably closed. Doors that are automatically and conveniently opened, without requiring the slightest contact, make our everyday lives a little easier, whereas the effortless automatic closing of the doors creates a sense of well-being and security. Automatic doors optimize a barrier-free passage from one room to another.


Automatic sliding doors distinguishes itself by its innovative and attractive effect
This automatic "all-in-one" door answers all the architectural requirements not only with regard to size and design but also where the functions are concerned. The door drive units guarantee top quality and maximum user safety. The modular automatic system comes with a wide range of options, for example a wireless control unit that allows activating several doors. The safety curtain has been combined with the door's sensory system in order to prevent any contact with the sliding door wing.  

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Automatic sliding doors for universal applications
Two sliding wings guarantee an optimum pedestrian flow even in cases of high user frequencies. The sensory system, safely installed and sheltered in the system's supporting beam, detects the movements of the pedestrians. 

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Space-saving automatic telescopic sliding doors
Thanks to the telescopic wings, a broader clearance width can be obtained in hallways or structural situations where lateral space is restricted. The 4-winged telescopic sliding door for large door widths.

The 2-winged telescopic sliding door opening to the right or to the left is the perfect choice for narrow objects opening to one side.