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The Automatic Sliding Wall System 

Flexibly enlarge or diminish the size of your room whenever the need arises, with maximum speed and safety and by the simple push of a button! This sliding wall enables you to conveniently separate entrance and customer areas during off-times. For applications in banks, it allows for example restricting access to the 24 hour zone, without prejudice to the feeling of spaciousness that the room conveys. The transparency of the closed wall even enhances the generous elegance of the partitioned areas. 


The automatic sliding wall system for an elegant room design
The track rail integrated in the ceiling as well as the invisible drive technique allow achieving sophisticated solutions in elegantly designed interior areas. An uncomplicated and rapid room conversion is guaranteed by the automation elements. The unobtrusive construction and small size of these elements guarantees their discreet integration into the individual architectural style. This wall is capable of minimizing troublesome draughts, chilliness, heat, dust and noise. The burglar-retardant solution (WK2) with aluminum profiles is especially appropriate for applications in the public sector.