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The Automatic Fire Rated Sliding Door 

True to the principle to combine three functions in one single door, the automatic fire-rated sliding door reliably performs its tasks as a convenient pedestrian passage, a resistant fire shutter or as a safe escape way. 



The fire rated sliding door as a comfortable passage 

The automatic opening and closing motions of the automatic door guarantee a barrier-free passage. Even in cases where it performs additional tasks such as fire-protection and escape-way functions, the ease and convenience expected by the users are in no way diminished. 

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The fire rated sliding door as a thermal shield 

After the door has been used as an escape way opening, built-in door closers make sure that it is retransformed into a safely closed fire shutter.

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The fire rated sliding door as an escape way 

In the event of a fire alarm, the optional escape way function allows using the door in the same manner as a manual swing door.