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Swing Door Drive Units Designed For Automating Manual Doors

Swing door drive units take over the job of opening and closing manual interior doors as well as heavy and large-sized external doors. The opening motion is motorized whereas the closure is ensued through spring force or – if required e.g. due to strong wind pressure - via the motor. Individually selectable additional functions, contact-less motion detectors and safety sensors installed on the door leaf enhance the safety and convenience provided by manual swing doors. 


Automated swing doors for increased comfort
The wide range of available functions allows achieving automatic customer-oriented passages, individually adapted to the required operating functions. These drive units are suited for applications in public, industrial or administrative buildings, hospitals, hotels, airports, etc.

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The swing door drive unit for the classical single-winged door
The various power transmission rod assemblies are suitable for installation in new or existing manual swing doors. The drive units can be mounted against the lintel or on the door leaf itself, either on the hinge side or on opposite side.

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The swing door drive unit for bi-parting doors
The Master und Slave drive duo controls the closing sequence of the delayed and the earlier door wing, to make sure that they reach the closed position in the correct order to be able to overlap.